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We are so excited to host our next gala in our new city, Chattanooga, TN!

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October 9th, 2019


GLOW Getter Foundation, Inc. | GLOW Getter Awards and Gala


The board of GLOW Getter Foundation, Inc. has voted to postpone this year’s GLOW Getter Gala. While we never intended on hosting a gala in 2019 and we have not yet invested in the planning of this year’s event, we were so graciously overwhelmed by the amount of interest we have received and wanted to offer some insight to this decision.

Our founders, Drew and Sloan Reid, recently moved from last year’s host city, Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Paducah, Kentucky, and are in the midst of another move to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Due to these exciting transitions and Sloan’s very active role in the organization of the event, we have decided to host our next gala once they are established in their new location.

The mission behind the GLOW Getter Gala is to not only honor and empower women who are making a positive impact in our world, but to highlight the businesses and communities invested in the celebration of glowing women. We use the gala as an opportunity to invest back into our community who supports our foundation all year long, and we take great pride in ensuring an incredible experience for everyone involved.

We look forward to continue to build and grow our community in Tennessee, while still honoring the incredible support from Kentucky. We wish to thank our previous sponsors and guests, who have continued to support us through this transition, and hope to have your involvement moving forward.




The GLOW Getter Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) with a mission to “grow leaders of worth,” GLOW. Through the GLOW Getter Awards/Gala and the Spark Change Initiative Scholarship our organization inspires, empowers and invests in current and future leaders.

At our creative black-tie fundraising dinner, the GLOW Getter Gala, we not only get to celebrate phenomenal women whose positive impact will ripple for generations to come, but invest in their mission with the GLOW Getter Awards and a donation in their name for their causes. Last year’s GLOW Getters included Anissa Neubauer with the Olive Branch Foundation, Christine McAlister with Miles With Maeve, and our GLOW Getter of the Year, Amy Hehre with OVI Children’s Hospital. The dinner is also used as a fundraiser for our Spark Change Initiative Scholarship, designed to inspire and invest in future leaders of all ages who has a desire to grow and glow.