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Our mission is to not only empower and inspire leaders, but to invest in future leaders. Each of the Spark Change Initiative Scholarship Recipients were selected because of their commitment to their own personal growth and their servant hearts to inspire and invest in others. 


PEOPLE'S CHOICE - One of our recipients will be awarded with the People's Choice Award, which will be determined by the most number of votes. Every $1.00 you donate equals 1 vote. The finalist with the most votes will receive 50% of the total funds raised and the other 50% will go toward next year's scholarship. (The VOTING WINDOW is between June 1st - June 30th. Any votes outside that window will not be counted.)

The GLOW Getter Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law per individual. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for your donation. 

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Aleah Stigall 

Organization/Program: Maria Montgomery - Confidence , Interview and Stage Presence Coach

in prep for International Junior Miss on July 8th - July 13th.


IJM is an international pageant system used to instill confidence in women of all ages, create sisterhood, and serve others. The winner receives two international trips. I hope to win so that I can foster connections with other people on an international level in addition to in the United States. Supporting foster care and adoption as well as understanding the need to set limits on technology and to make a point to make real connections are worthy causes.

I will gain confidence, communication skills, and public speaking skills. I plan to participate in the optional talent of the program to improve my performance skills in addition to pageant skills.

Most importantly, I will gain real connections with real people. I have learned that connecting with others leads to personal growth. It allows me to learn from them.

It allows me to touch the lives of more and more people!

I am a leader because I get out into my community and get involved.

Whatever might be needed, I am willing to do! If there is an opportunity, I serve. I also encourage others to serve and help. I will be hosting a Give Hope Global party at my house with my friends to introduce them to that opportunity. I created a box to create items at my school for foster care. I lead by doing and modeling that anyone can make a change!

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 Keiley Johnson

EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE: Aleah is 10 years old and in the 5th grade at Woodlawn Elementary School. She is on the ALL A Honor Roll. She participates in Math Club and supports/leads various missions within her school. She will speaking to the Girls on the Run Club about confidence this month at the request of her counselor. She led a drive to collect items for United Way and foster care. She is also leading a pinwheel planting at both Woodlawn and Boyle Co High School to support child abuse prevention month.


ACTIVITIES and ACCOMPLISHMENTS: She was Little Miss KY (MAO system 2016), Amerifest Mini Supreme (2017), Little Miss KY United States (2018), and now hold the title of International Junior Miss Bluegrass State where she will be competing in the International Junior Miss pageant. But the accomplishments that she is most proud of is winning the Academic Award and Community Service Award at the state IJM pageant. She was the youngest in her division. This truly shows that her entries into pageants are not about the crowns but about serving others.


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Aleah has supported foster care and adoption in numerous ways. In 2018, she ended up onstage with the Governor when she attended the Child Abuse Prevention kickoff event which she again attended recently. This shows you the power of the crown and how Aleah uses the crown as a megaphone. She has made Bear Hug bags for foster children. She just participated in the Down with Derby Fashion Show where she made the most amazing connections with youth with Down Syndrome. She packed meals for Haiti and recently served as a Page during the legislative session with her local representative. She has also made meals at the Ronald McDonald House. While Aleah will continue to support foster care and adoption, she has created a new platform called "Disconnect To Connect-Let's Get Real!" where she will encourage all people to take time to develop real relationships and to limit technology usage. People can connect via community service, supporting international causes such as Give Hope Global-the national platform of IJM, spending time with family, and spending time in your community and neighborhoods. This platform encompasses her love for people and her passion in helping others.


FUTURE GOALS: Aleah's future goal is to win International Junior Miss Pre-Teen to promote her platform around the world. She loves to perform and is willing to do this in whatever way God leads. Currently, she takes dance, vocal, and pageantry lessons to work on skills of performance and public speaking. She most recently said she would like to be a Disney princess where she can make children and families smile on a daily basis at Walt Disney World. She is also interested in Savannah College of Art and Design, perhaps attending college in theatre, performance, or design. She will eventually compete in the United States system again but was unable to compete this year due to winning last year at the state level. She made Top 10 in her first national pageant as Little Miss Kentucky United States.

Organization/Program: Miss Junior Teen United States, July 28th - August 1st


The Miss United States Organization pageant takes place in Las Vegas, and it not only allows you to meet girls from every state, but it gives you the opportunity to share what you're passionate about. This program offers girls a chance to work with different service events in their community, state, and nation and supports you in your efforts to give back and make a change in the world.


This organization offers many different forms of personal growth. Through the interview process and on-stage question, I will gain experience in public speaking and one on one interview skills. While competing in the fitness category, not only will I gain more confidence, but I will learn invaluable nutrition and fitness skills. Lastly, the evening gown portion teaches me poise and grace. I will also be provided with many self-development opportunities and life-long friends and memories.


I am a leader because of how I give back to my community while setting a good example to other students. I have continuously stayed involved in community service projects from a very young age. I work closely with my platform, "Brook's Journey to a Cure." Through this I host and volunteer at various events raising money to; hopefully, one day find a cure for childhood cancer.  One of the fundraisers that I host each year raised over half a million dollars toward childhood cancer research!

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Jaydee Graham

Organization/Program: Life with Passion Coaching Program with Christine McAlister


Christine McAlister has customized a program to help you gain the confidence

and tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn for your great work.

I need to Spark my next steps, I need the tools to make them a reality and this has my name written all over it. I do not want to change my writing style, I do not want to change my story,

I want the ump to move to do it.

This program is dedicated to  "the high-achieving, motivated woman, achieving  BIG business dreams."  The personal growth, the tools, guidance  and wisdom I need to kick start  the fuel to my ever ignited flame so I can continue to do the work that I know, without a doubt, I am intended to do.


I do not know if I would use the word leader to describe myself... I feel I mirror healing & hope and empowerment. I do not want others to follow me, lean on me, or do all things like I have I want them to be inspired, empowered, and hopeful by hearing my truth...that they are fully worthy in theirs.

EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE: I am currently a freshman at Green County High School, with a 4.0 GPA. I am involved in multiple extracurricular activities at my school, as well as academic clubs, and non-profit organizations within our school system and community.


ACTIVITIES and ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I am a member of the Green County Volleyball team, GCHS Track team, BETA club, FCA, Junior Rotary, and DECA. My accomplishments include 2015 Green County Spelling Bee Champion, all distinguished on K-PREP testing, reaching benchmark on the SAT. Cheerleading Academic Award for 2015-2018, 4.0 GPA for all of my school career so far, and all A Honor Roll. Volleyball Academic Award 2015-2019, overall eighth-grade speech winner, overall math award for two years, overall social studies award, and the John K. Durham Service Award.


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Green County and Taylor County Relay for Life teams, Green County Volleyball Boosters, St. Jude Math-A-Thon, St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway, KMAC Couture Derby Fashion show, St. Jude Radio-Thon, St. Jude 5k and half-marathon, volunteering at local nursing homes, Ronald Mcdonald Charities, and various sports fundraisers.


FUTURE GOALS:  My future goals are to attend Gatton Academy for my junior and senior year of high school focusing on STEM. I plan to graduate with honors and attend the University of Kentucky to study law and, hopefully, one day become a prosecuting attorney.

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Alexys Koeninger

EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE: EDUCATION MSSW Social Work: University of Louisville: Kent School of Social Work Louisville, KY July 2016 B.S. Social Work: University of Louisville: Kent School of Social Work Louisville, KY May 2015 Family Scholar House: Participant & Graduate Louisville, KY May 2015 High School: Christian Academy of Louisville Louisville, KY May 2009 WORK EXPERIENCE Family Scholar House, MSSW Family Advocate Louisville, KY August 2016-present Provides advocacy services for single parents including individualized goal setting guidance, personal support counseling and specific community resource referrals. Collaborates with staff members to identify interventions and programs that will meet client’s diverse needs. Plans and facilitates group support sessions that empowers individuals to meet their fullest potential to not only increase confidence, but also to become fully self-sufficient Organizes and conducts outreach, public speaking and guided tour services on an as needed basis. Home of the Innocents, Resident Counselor Louisville, KY June 2015-present Guided the parenting and pregnant population through goal setting, establishing healthy relationships, assistance in classes/meetings/appointments/school attendance and success. Offered support by providing resources and empowering those aging out of foster care. Completed room inspections, administered medication, provided overall moral support. Choices Incorporated, Internship Louisville, KY Fall 2014 Wrote curriculum, facilitated meetings and introduced concepts for children ages 0-19 and parents, on topics ranging from healthy relationships to identifying feelings and encouraging education completion. Effectively communicated with staff and board members to proactively present current needs of clients. Completed one-on-one case management independently.

ACTIVITIES and ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT/ENGAGEMENT CCC Conference Keynote Speaker March 15th, 2015 (Louisville, Kentucky) NASW Member Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition Luncheon Guest Speaker August 2nd, 2016 (Washington D.C.) Humana Leadership Luncheon Guest Speaker November 7th , 2016 (Louisville, Kentucky) Victims Rights Day in the Capitol Rotunda Guest Speaker April 4, 2016 (Frankfort, Kentucky) Survivors Council of the Office of the Attorney General Member 2016-2018 Guest Speaker for M.E.E Day - April 14th, 2019 -- For the rest of my life = TRUTHTELLER, whenever I am given the opportunity, I tell my story. ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS/QUALIFICATIONS CSW - Certified Social Worker 2016 OWL Young Adult Sexuality Educator 2016 Focus Louisville Graduate 2016 Ms. Kentucky United States Second Runner Up 2019

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT:  I am very active within our city of Louisville. My role as a social worker gives me the opportunity to stay very connected with out community partners and I also am very invested within them to best meet the needs of our participants; single parent families and their children. I also advocate for domestic violence survivors and intimate partner survivors and work with those who are affected in any shape or form on a daily basis. Within my work community alone, 98% have been affected by domestic violence. My heart is very involved within the awareness, advocacy and decline and end to abuse. The Soul Grind community, where I am the Founder, has also been very sacred, therapeutic, supportive and beautiful for Louisville as well as all over. The Soulful hub began online and has grown to fill many coffee shops, art galleries, outdoor patios, and places that welcome love, support, and truth telling. In order to begin healing, I discovered the profound importance of story telling, aka being brave in vulnerability to self discover, connect, heal, and grow in empowerment and feel seen in the midst of the process. The community has touched the heart of Louisville and at each event there are cards to claim affirmations- I have over 100 now that tell others stories, their wisdom, support for others enduring similar difficult times. In this, we see we are not alone in our healing and there is a light and a road out. I began outside of a coffee shop, with a wooden sign and pieces of paper with is now beautifully spreading throughout our city and throughout social media.

"To be seen in the midst of healing is the strongest force of all." Jaydee Graham

FUTURE GOALS:  Every single step I take, is a step closer to where I want to be. My dream is to write/finish my own book and to share my truth, my story with this world....because I know I am not alone in it. My story is very complex and it resonates with so many different souls because of its complexity and messiness of its road. My healing was found within writing, next in therapy, and now fully in truth telling, telling my story, sharing it and empowering others to truly get to know ALL of their story so they not only go through the motions of every day life but THRIVE. When you begin to truly connect your own dots, you begin to live as you have always been worthy to live. One day I will go speak, to 5, to 50, to 500000 and connect with souls all over the world and allow them to feel seen, heard, and lighter. My passion is for women who have lived similar journeys as mine and to see them rise and live the life they were intended. To roar, to make noise, to have a passion and pursue it, to accomplish their goals, to choose love for themselves, to surround themselves with amazing people who pour into them and believe them, to be free of abuse, to love their bodies, and to FEEL ALL THE FEELS.

I would also like coffee in a mug everyday...we live too often in to go cups.

Organization/Program: Miss Teen United States, July 28th - August 1st


Every decision that I make as a young adult is made with purpose, to set myself up for success, and set an example to others. I want to set an example for young leaders everywhere, that your decisions matter, and everyone can be a leader to someone. In preparing for the Miss Teen United States competition, I will use my voice to make a difference. 50% of my score comes from my speaking ability and using that to bring awareness towards what I am passionate about.

This program gives people the drive and support they need to provide the change they want to make. Just being a part of the Facebook group and having the positive statements on there has given me the drive to keep making my mark on today's world. I have learned that there is someone out there who needs to be shown their appreciated. Once you see one-person smile, you have the drive to do it for others. It's important for everyone to feel that satisfaction of making a difference.


I love to take action to provide a better outcome in my community as well as the lives of others. Therefore, I am not afraid to use my voice to get other people involved in taking the journey of making a difference. I have seen through my involvement with Cookies for A Cop provides an uplifting feeling to those cops who put their life on the line each and every day. I want to set an example for young leaders everywhere, that your decisions matter, and everyone can be a leader to someone.

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Ginelle Ruffa

EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE:  Graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA - Attend NKU to become a Speech Therapist


ACTIVITIES and ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Danced for 14 years - Cheered for 11 years - Winning Miss KY County Fair out of 79 gorgeous girls -

Competed in Disney for Cheer Nationals and received 7th in the nation - Made the academics Dean's List with a 3.8 GPA - Pageantry


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT:  Cookies For A Cop- I deliver homemade cookies to 5 local police departments to give back to those who give so much to us every day. - Cystic Fibrosis Walk- My family participates in this special walk every year to show our support to those fighting this disease. - Women’s Crisis Center-

My family collects items to provide a gift basket for the women who need it the most. - Pink Ribbon Crew-

Me and my mom provide makeover’s for women going through or have beat cancer.


FUTURE GOALS: To win Miss Teen United States 2019 and have the platform support to both grow Cookies For A Cop nationally, and spread awareness

for Autism Spectrum Disorder and the children that struggle with language and social development. - Become a Speech-Language Pathologist and

specialize in children with autism. - Pass the PRAXIS test this summer and be accepted into NKU's education program. -

Earning my master’s degree in Communication Sciences. and Disorders at the University of Cincinnati.

Organization/Program: Business Intensive Strategy Coaching with Alycia Darby


Alycia Darby offers a step-by-step consulting program with a custom strategy, weekly calls, and video trainings to build your influence and create a 6-figure coaching business, hosted by business and media coach, Alycia Darby. This program will educate, equip, and empower me to build my online business, start my show, and grow my influence by providing me with and professional expertise and guidance to fulfill my vision of empowering women to achieve extraordinary health.

This program will provide me with the necessary, excellent business education to become a successful entrepreneur and use my personal gifts and passions to positively impact and inspire my community. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to grow as a leader in confidence, communication skills, and business entrepreneurship knowledge. This program will allow me to flourish and thrive in my leadership gifts and allow me to have a prominent international influence.


I strive to utilize the passions, visions, and gifts I have blessed with to encourage and inspire others with a heart of service to ignite change and radiate truth. I am committed to serving with compassion, inspiring with excellence, and leading with integrity. I am grateful for the testimonies and opportunities I have had to lead others to achieve health transformation by inspiring healthy lifestyle habits. I am eager to utilize my leadership skills to create impactful online programs.

EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE:  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Palm Beach Atlantic University, as a Merit Scholar, Endowed Scholar, and Presidential Scholarship recipient. I had the privilege of studying abroad in Italy twice during my undergraduate career as a STEM ambassador and had the opportunity promote my platform on an international level. I was honored to be selected as the recipient of the "Commitment to Health and Wellness" scholarship at the Miss Florida Scholarship pageant. I currently serve as a health and fitness professional, combining my professional dance experience with her extensive education in exercise physiology to specialize in dance-based workouts that honor the body’s physiological and anatomical integrity. I empower clients to reach their optimal fitness potential in a safe and motivating environment.


ACTIVITIES and ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I have been blessed with many opportunities to utilize my gifts to serve and inspire others.

I co-authored and published a devotional book, "Morning Refill," that encourages people in their faith and empowers them to live abundantly in every area of life.

I am grateful for the numerous opportunities I've had to interview on local and international television and radio to educate people to achieve extraordinary health by providing nutrition and fitness education. I am grateful for the opportunities to utilize my influence and promote my platform as a two-time title holder with the Miss America Organization, as well as a current titleholder with the Miss Universe Organization. Finally, I am grateful for the opportunity I've had to study internationally throughout eight countries and dance professionally internationally.


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT:  I am blessed to serve as a personal trainer for the Cancer Related Fatigue program at Palm Beach Atlantic University, where I design and develop personalized fitness programs for patients who are undergoing negative side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, and restore vibrance, health, hope, and energy to each individual, I am also honored to serve as Miss Palm Beach USA with the Miss Universe Organization, where I utilize my platform "Empowering Extraordinary Health" to educate my community in disease prevention through nutrition and overall wellness. I am grateful to partner with an abundance of local charities, including Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Women in the Window, and the American Cancer Society, where I have the opportunity to utilize my education to serve my community. I am also grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with numerous local and international television and radio stations to share health and fitness education.


FUTURE GOALS: My goal is to honor my passion for health and utilize my education and expertise in this field to create an online community that aims to educate, equip, and empower women throughout the world to achieve extraordinary health in every area of life: spiritual, mental, physical, occupational, relational, financial, and social by providing an exceptional array of educational content, focusing on faith, food, fitness, fellowship, and finance. I desire to utilize my passion as my platform and profession and utilize the education and experience I've been blessed with to spark change in my community and throughout the world.