glow getter foundation

We are dedicated to empowering, inspiring, and investing in current and futures leaders with the

GLOW Getter Awards, Spark Change Initiative Scholarship, and with our team of Spark Change Ambassadors.


We are so excited to have launched our

Spark Change Ambassador Program.

Our ambassadors are from all across the country and share a passion for serving their communities, advocating and bringing awareness to a variety of causes, fundraising,

and changing the world one initiative at a time. 

Together we can make a difference...

To learn more and how to apply to become

a Spark Change Ambassador, please click below...



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The GLOW Getter Gala is a creative black tie fundraising dinner honoring leaders from across the nation, specifically the recipients of the

GLOW Getter Awards...

To learn more on attending, sponsoring, and supporting the GLOW Getter Gala, please click below. 

There are so many way to support our mission of empowering, inspiring, and investing in leaders...

We encourage you to follow our social media platforms, and help us bring awareness to our passion and purpose.


We also ask that you consider becoming a

Spark Change Ambassador and join a team of servant leaders making an incredible impact in this world. 

And of course, none of this would be possible without our sponsors and donors. To learn more on how to donate, sponsor, or purchase with purpose, please click below.



The GLOW Getter Awards honor leaders making a real difference in their lives and the lives around them from across the nation as we invests in their global impact.


Each recipient of the GLOW Getter Award will receive a $1000.00 donation in their name to the cause they advocate for, with one to be named the GLOW Getter of the Year

and receive a grand prize donation.

To read all the eligibility requirements and to nominate

a GLOW Getter please click below...

One of our favorite ways to invest in future leaders, is the SPARK CHANGE INITIATIVE Scholarship


Each recipients may use the awarded funds to invest in their own personal development, whether it be a karate or dance class, a summer camp program, a pageant, a mentor program, an online course or a leadership workshop... 



To learn more on how to apply, please click below.